Anamorphic Production FAQ

1. What is Anamorphic video?

Anamorphic video is shot using a specialized anamorphic lens to achieve the look and feel of Hollywood films.

This is a link to movies that have been shot with anamorphic lenses.

More information about the definition and process of Anamorphic production can be found here.

2. Why use Anamorphic video for my projects?

Most video production companies are using the same equipment (DSLR Cameras) to shoot HD video. Eventually, everything starts looking the same and there is nothing to distinguish the look of one video from another.

Anamorphic video has a much higher resolution than HD video. It has a completely different look and feel than anything else. It can be stretched and manipulated in ways that HD video cannot. This will set your video production apart from the rest.

3. Is it more expensive?

Anamorphic video is shot and edited using a completely different process than HD video. It is more difficult and time consuming to work with, which may lead to a higher overall cost.

Many of our clients feel that separating their videos from the rest is worth the extra money. We work with a variety of projects and businesses, and we can determine quickly if our production process will fit your budget.

4. Why do you charge a $100.00 consulting fee?

We charge a $100 consulting fee through Paypal before discussing the scope of any project. We do this because our past experience has indicated that many people would like to discuss Anamorphic video without a specific project in mind and without the money to fund such projects.

This consultation fee helps to determine that a client is ready to produce the video and to pay for it. The $100 consultation fee will be discounted from the total budget once the production begins.

5. How do I schedule my video production?

Please call 801-205-8629 to schedule a consultation for your next project.